ZGC Cinnamon Ice (Cindy)
Registered: MFTHBA (blue papered) & ICHO
Birth date May 19, 2005
Parents: DCC Red Ryder X DCC Strawberry Ice: both are from the Walker Prince T/Curly Jim line of dominant curly gene Missouri fox trotters

Cindy and Skydancer October 2012
Cindy and Sky 10.28.12

Cindy is a curly-coated, strawberry roan Missouri Fox Trotter with a white blaze and hind leg stockings. Her coat is micro-curled, suggesting that Cindy is homozygous for the dominant curly gene...in other words, it is possible that all her foals will be curly-coated. Her first foal was a curly filly (WDR Skydancer). Cindy been ultrasounded on multiple occasions to time ovulations/pregnancy. The high level of trust Cindy has in people was demonstrated by the timing of her foal’s delivery. Cindy had a ‘text-book’ delivery and post-natal period that started when I went out for my usual lunchtime barn-check. Her foal was fully expelled and trying to stand by 1 pm, the placenta was expelled uneventfully a few minutes later, and the foal was nursing before 3 pm. Blood tests the next day confirmed high levels of maternal antibodies in the foal, and Cindy has proven to be a dedicated mother.
Cindy1 2.8.10 Cindy closeup2 2.23.07
Cindy spent 90 days with a Western-style natural-horse trainer in the fall of 2009 and is an easy-going, very-willing riding horse. (See the ‘Genetics’ page for a photo of Cindy’s trainer, Ray Spence, and his young paint stallion roping a calf.) Gaits under-saddle. Readily responds to light leg aids. Some training at neck reining. Green-broke...has been a broodmare more recently.
Not much fazes this girl. During the 2007 Witch Creek firestorm, Cindy easily loaded into her horse trailer despite a hurricane-force, smoke- & ash-filled wind and a pitch-black night. She patiently endured a 4-hour trailer ride down the mountain to the Del Mar racetrack with nary a kick and later, posed with Sienna for a national photojournalist covering the San Diego county fire evacuations.
Up-to-date on vaccines (Fluvac Innovator 5-way, West Nile, Rhinoneumonitis, Strangles), teeth, worming, and farrier (natural trim, has never worn shoes). Microchipped.

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